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Commercial Interiors is an Interiors Design firm in Kenya with a vibrant mixture of Interior Designers, joinery specialists and furnishers, able to undertake turn-key projects of any size within the exciting field of Interior Design.

Which means Commercial Interiors will undertake the designing of the project in-house and proceed to carry out the partitioning, carpeting, supply of furniture until hand-over of the completed interior fit-out to the client.

We pride ourselves in creating tastefully designed Interiors for our clients, but charity begins at home and that is why we have tastefully crafted our own offices to create a tastefully working environment , that we believe, encourages every member of the staff to give his/her best in order to achieve an interior comparable to or even better than the one he is working in.

 It is only by giving members of the team your very best that they in turn can create an even better working environment for our clients, our mission is to delight our clients with every aspect of interior design.

At Commercial Interiors we know only too well that great companies are not the product of geography, or superior information technology (although this things are important) great companies are people with a vision, doing what they like best together, in an en devour to achieve only the best. The best for the clients and as a result achieve professional satisfaction thereof.